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The grape is the essence of a fine wine. Delicate grapes promise to please the connoisseur’s palate by being crafted into fascinating, great wines.

This promise can only be kept if the fruit is treated with respect. At ARMBRUSTER, we have a passion for grapes, now spanning four generations. We know that grapes must be de-stemmed with the utmost care to preserve their essence; the promise of becoming a fine wine.
ROTOVIB- New Efficiency for Your Top Quality
An additional vibration drive of the pin shaft allows grapes to be destemmed
Enables extremely low pin shaft speeds (revolutions)
Dry discharge of the grape stems
Selects ripe and unripe grapes
Pin shaft located on floating rubber mounts
Pin shaft adjustable centrical / eccentrical
Destemmer may be operated clockwise and counter clockwise
The new ROTOVIB is a development which adds a linear, vibratory movement of the pin shaft relative to the destemmer cylinder.

A vibrator is mounted on the pin shaft and drive is fixed on rubber mountings. The resulting longitudinal motion of the pin shaft is approximately 2 - 4mm at a frequency of 2300 oscillations per minute. This additional energy causes a dispersion of the grapes inside the destemming cylinder and allows the reduction of the speed of the pin shaft by approximately 50 - 60 %

Ripe grapes separate from the stem before being scraped off at the destemming cylinder. The grape stems remain intact. The pin shaft speed can be adjusted to the degree of ripeness and the type of grape. This has resulted in a significant increase in efficiency and enhancement in the destemmer's range of application.

Another advantage of this design is the spring-supported (floating) mounting of the pin shaft, which prevents pressure from being exerted on the grapes.

Damage by foreign objects is also minimized.

ROTOVIB achieves much higher efficiency for gentle grape processing than destemmers using rubber paddles on the pin shaft. The destemming cylinder consists of impact-resistant plastic segments with no sharp edges.

The gentle destemming process preserves the integrity of the stems and discharges them undamaged. The destemming cylinder can be operated clockwise and counter clockwise. The new ROTOVIB is the prerequisite for high-quality grapes.
Capacity (hand-picked grapes)
Rotovib 10 up to 10 t/h
Rotovib 20 up to 20 t/h
Pin Shaft
Main drive and vibration drive continuously adjustable with frequency converter (part of electrical / package)
Destemming Cylinder
Clockwise and counter clockwise drive 350mm resp. 450mm diameter.

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