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Since 1918, the name WILLMES has combined quality workmanship with German engineering skills to bring you the best in agricultural machinery and wine presses.

In 1951, our engineers invented the pneumatic grape press, and we are proud to bring the new generation WILLMES presses to South Africa.

Inert gas presses with a unique draining system are patented by WILLMES.

The Special Materials used are called Flexidrain.
The FLEXIDRAIN technology is the product of a joint development by winegrowers and WILLMES experts. The technology has been used in practice since 2001. Since 2003, FLEXIDRAIN has been used successfully in serial production. Hundreds of winegrowers across the world work with this press.

The FLEXIDRAIN channels ensure the optimal pre-juicing of our mash. The standard press version allows you to press all kinds of materials. It is suitable for the processing of whole clusters, but also of fermented red wine mash. For particularly difficult crops, you can simply retrofit customised versions with special mesh sizes.

The hard-wearing FLEXIDRAIN membrane is flexible. For that reason, it is almost impossible for the juice channels to become clogged. In addition, the juice contains significantly less solids (=turbidity) and fine solids.
Quick and easy installation and removal-without tools Optimal pre-juicing low turbidity level
Removal of the juice channels is simple. No tools are required. There is no need to climb into the inside of the press.
FLEXIDRAIN juice channels permit optimal juice extraction thanks to the large juicing surface. The vertical juice channels achieve improved pre-juicing levels of up to 50%.
FLEXIDRAIN juice channels are hard-wearing with a life expectance of three to five years, depending on usage. When they need changing, you do not need to call a mechanic. With a few easy steps you can replace them yourself.
At the same time, the fine solids released by the pumps are ‘filtered Out’. The membrane encloses the grapes from all sides, and the distance the juice travel is 50% shorter on average than in conventional wine presses. The marc crumbles more gently with only a few, gentle rotations.

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