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Eaton's filtration business combines worldwide engineering, manufacturing, technical sales support, and customer service into one focused business objective: Provide our customers with the optimum manufacturing or industrial filtration solutions.

Designed for efficiency in demanding markets, applications, and environments, Eaton’s innovative, pipeline basket strainer, tubular backwashing filter, bag filter and bag housing, cartridge filter and cartridge housing, depth filtration help optimize filtration performance and quality as well as plant productivity.
Liquid filtration processes for the beverage and food industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial sector.
The only complete supplier of filter media, process technology and beverage treatment products.
Building on the success of the BECOPAD, a mineral-free filter medium, we now also offer an alternative to kiesselguhr filtration.
Eaton has a GREENOMIC philosophy, and we live by these guidelines:
Sustainability   |   Biodegradablility   |   Flavour stability   |   Exterior hygiene   |   No product loss   |   Water savings
Filter cartridges are used for the clear filtration of liquids with low solids content up to a maximum of 0.1 percent by weight.

Possible applications for filter cartridges range from particle separation through depth filter cartridges (BECO PROTECT) to sterile filtration and separation of micro-organisms via membrane filter cartridges (BECO Membrane).

With separation limits between 100 Ám and 0.2 Ám, the BECO cartridge range covers a very broad spectrum of liquid filtration applications.

Moreover, a variety of filter media and types are available. In addition to different filter lengths between 10" (25 cm) and 40" (100 cm), a variety of adapter types are available.
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BecoWine Beco Membran PS Pure
BECO PROTECT FS FineStream depth filter cartridges are innovative depth filter cartridges with an unique design that increases the filter area.

The variable flow of the BECO PROTECT FS depth filter cartridge is also unique. This can be adjusted to flow from outside to inside or, if the inlet and outlet ends on the housing are reversed, from inside to outside. The filtering effect remains the same.

The BECO PROTECT FS depth filter cartridge is used in the beverage industry.
Beco Protect FS

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