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Since 1918, the name WILLMES has combined quality workmanship with German engineering skills to bring you the best in agricultural machinery and wine presses.

In 1951, our engineers invented the pneumatic grape press, and we are proud to bring the new generation WILLMES presses to South Africa.

Inert gas presses with a unique draining system are patented by WILLMES.

The Special Materials used are called Flexidrain.
Merlin01 Merlin02 Merlin03 Merlin04 Merlin05 Merlin06
The MERLIN is available in six versions, from 1,200 litres to just over 5,000 litres. Common to allof them are vertical stainless-steel juice channels. All presses are made to order in Germany for each specific customer. In this way, we are able to respond to the individual requirements and local conditions of each customer.

The entire press is made from stainless steel. The doors and juice channels have been subjected to continuous improvement and development and have been designed for very easy removal and replacement in only a few steps. Using the press is uncomplicated and easy to understand. Thanks to a state-of-the-art control unit, you can set the press to process any grape crop and adjust the settings to your specific requirements whenever needed.
The advantages of the MERLIN series at a glance
Vertical juice channels – globally exclusive to WILLMES presses.
Optimally positioned large perforated screen – thus optimal juice extraction.
Large door opening for speedy filling and emptying. Shorter pressing times.
Manufactured completely form stainless steel. Up to 100% net yield for must.
Better pressing results, particularly for difficult grape crops. Better must quality: less lees, no fine solids.
Easy to clean, thus greater cost efficiency and better hygiene. Better must quality – reduced wine lees, hardly and fine particles.
Lower energy and compressed-air consumption. Very flexible and easy-to-use pressing programs, optionally
Can be used to press small quantities as well as ice wine.    
    Durable membrane material.
Spare-parts guarantee for all presses.

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