Citrolase® TF CLEAR
Special enzyme for the production of clear juices from tropical fruits.
Citrolase® TS
Special enzyme for pulp and core wash juice extraction and concentration.
EnerZyme HT
Glucoamylase for the saccharification of starch.
Fructoyzm® APX
Concentrated special pectinase for apple processing.
Fructozym® BE
Special enzyme for the processing of berries.
Fructozym® Flow UF
Special enzyme for the treatment of juices rich in colloids.
Fructozym® FLUX
Unique enzyme for treatment of juices rich in colloids.
Fructozym® P6‐L
Universal enzyme for fruit processing.
Fructozym® UF
Special enzyme for improved filterability and stability of fruit juices.
Fructozym® Ultra HPX
Special pectinase for extraction of pome fruit pomace.
Frutase Citrus Cloudy
Increased efficiency when yielding citrus peel extract.
Frutase EG PRESS
Enzyme specialty for pome fruit processing.
Frutase PL
Pure pectin lyase for fruit processing.
Frutase Soft
Special enzyme for debittering citrus extracts.