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Situated in Vazzola, Cadalpe S.P.A prides itself on continued growth and innovation and aims to make its own contribution to the evolution of the sector in which it operates. Experience and a love of technology, applied to vinification make Cadalpe one of the most important companies in the sector.

Crossflow unit: C41 Tangential flow micro-filtering systems. The capillary polymeric membranes and controlled porosity hollow fibres are the heart of this system.

A high tech solution, offering modern advantages.
One of the most evolved and qualified filters on the market today, fitted with hydrophilic asymmetrical controlled-porosity hollow fibre polymer membranes that are highly resistant to chemicals and heat. The C41A1 tangential filer is the result of special studies; it is an excellent solution as it can be put to numerous uses and respects the structural and organoleptic characteristics of wine, at times more so that traditional techniques.

Its instruments provide instantaneous control of output and the quantity of filtered wine, working pressure at various points in the hydraulic circuit, wine temperature, and the level in the system storage tanks. System operation is run by a programmable logic controller which the operator interacts with by means of a touch screen that shows in real time the state of the components active in the hydraulic circuit.

The values of the main process variables (output, pressure, temperature, liquid levels) appear continuously on the screen as dedicated icons. The level of automatic is such that in normal working conditions the presence of an operator is not required.
The material used, sulphon-polyvynilpyrrolidone polyester, has an extremely hydrophilic asymmetrical structure: these two qualities are both very important for ensuring filtering efficiency that is as constant as possible.

Membranes with asymmetrical structure have two distinct layers: a very thin filter layer in which the gauged pores are very short, and a second mechanically resistant macro porous layer to assist the first one.

The greatly reduced length of the pores eliminates deep penetration of certain particles (a potentially irreversible event) and increases flow.

Resistance to chemicals and the effect of heat by the material used for the membranes is extensive and high, thereby providing effective rinsing.
  Numerous advantages are guaranteed by our tangential filters.  
  Constant filter efficiency, due to the characteristics of the membranes and automatic control of the process.  
  No loss of product, due to a final filtering device.  
  No filtering aids used, reducing the amount of polluting waste.  

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