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Situated in Vazzola, Cadalpe S.P.A prides itself on continued growth and innovation and aims to make its own contribution to the evolution of the sector in which it operates. Experience and a love of technology, applied to vinification make Cadalpe one of the most important companies in the sector.

Crossflow unit: C41 Tangential flow micro-filtering systems. The capillary polymeric membranes and controlled porosity hollow fibres are the heart of this system.

A high tech solution, offering modern advantages.
The compact, easy to run system is entirely pre-assembled to the support frame and includes the feed unit for the wine to be filtered, with tank, storage tank, feed pump, safety pre-filters on the product and rinsing lines, as well as high output recycling pump for the wine to ensure the required flow speed over the filters, without exerting too much cutting thrust.
  The correct trans-membrane pressure (TMP) is ensured automatically by a special pressurization pump. The filtered wine is transferred to the storage tank by a dedicated centrifugal pump. All the valves are actuated pneumatically and some are provided with progressive opening and closing systems in order to avoid sudden strain on the membranes. For the same reason some of the pumps have progressive start-up devices.

All C41 models are available in versions for still, fizzy or sparkling wines and comply with the strictest current standards.


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