White wines with pronounced acidity are less and less accepted by consumers. The trend goes towards very well structured, well balanced, acid-reduced modern white wines which can be produced by using selected lactic acid bacteria. Malo-lactic fermentation is particularly suitable for the grape varieties Pinot blanc and Chardonnay. Treatment of Riesling for with starter cultures to reduce acidity could also have a positive effect.

In red wine-making malo-lactic fermentation is simply a must. Lactic acid bacteria converts tartly flavoured malic acid into softer-tasting lactic acid which provides the red wine with a pleasant velvety softness, enhanced structure and desired, targeted aroma profile. The resulting wines are characteristic and sensory evaluation is brilliant. Red wines inoculated with lactic acid bacteria can also be ready for bottling earlier. For this we offer the following:

For the suppression of unwanted microbial activity of Gram (+) bacteria (lactic acid bacteria) in mash, must, wine and sparkling wine.
BioStart® Forte SK2®
Lactic acid bacteria for red wine and white wine.
BioStart® Nutri
Nutrient for malo-lactic fermentation.
BioStart® Vitale SK11®
MLF-starter culture for red and white wine.